They all have one thing in common: They love life.

We have had the pleasure of caring for many blind horses over the years, and every one of them has enjoyed life to the fullest. Here's how you can care for your blind horse. More…

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This site is dedicated to the blind horses at our Rolling Dog Farm. These special animals have shown us that a blind horse can enjoy life just like a sighted horse.

However, going blind can be a frightening experience for both the horse and the owner. Your horse may be upset and scared (and who wouldn't be?) by the encroaching darkness. You'll worry about how to care for your newly blind friend. And plenty of people will probably start telling you to put the animal down. They'll say your horse can't have a good quality of life if it's blind.

Well, we're here to tell you differently. Blind horses can have a wonderful quality of life. Our own horses are proof of that.

If you're the owner of a newly blind horse, we hope this site will help answer questions you may have about caring for your friend.

Blind Horse Insights

An equine vet once asked us to list the five most important things we've learned in caring for blind horses for over a decade. After writing up what we called our "Blind Horse Insights," we realized that if we were going to make a formula for "blind horse success," it would be: Personality + Time + Environment = Success. More …



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